There are many kinds of animated videos that you often encounter, such as anime, explainer animation, 3D animation, 2D animation, whiteboard animation, stop motion, and many others. In essence, choose the type of video that does not cause much distraction to your e-learning goals.

After deciding to use e-learning animated videos. Then next you have to make sure that you have chosen a professional e-learning animation video production company. Here are tips for choosing it.

  1. Look for as many recommendations as possible and then compare

You can get these recommendations for an Animated video production company e-learning through browsing the internet or social media. Currently, Google’s algorithm supports recommendations that match your last search. You will then be directed to the Animated video production company.

You can get recommendations from family, friends, or couples who have used this Animated video production company. According to ‘Onbee Marketing Research, 80% of Indonesian consumers trust recommendations from family and friends before deciding to use a service or buy a product.

Compare, then eliminate the ones that don’t suit you at a glance. For example, if you are looking for a service provider to make e-learning animated videos, but also get recommendations for making regular videos, shooting videos, and so on, then cross out and just keep an Animated video production company.

  1. Have a Clear Profile

You can get animated video production company e-learning through social media, marketplaces, or websites. Reliable services usually have an official website. However, freelance creators usually have a large portfolio that they share on social media. This can be an initial consideration for you.

Then, learn about their products, services, flows, and payment methods. If the Animated video production company e-learning does not provide information regarding price information. Then you can contact directly the contact person listed.

  1. Show Portfolio

After you study the profile and its products, the thing you should do and should not skip is to see the portfolio of the Animated video production company. Don’t choose or take an Animated video production company e-learning that doesn’t want to show its portfolio.

Because this can be an indication that the company lacks confidence in its products and services. If they are not confident in their work, then what about you?

Portfolios can also be considered for all video components, such as background sound or voice-over, animation details, typography, proportions, and so on. By looking at the portfolio, it can also be your consideration regarding the suitability of the type of animation for your e-learning needs.

  1. Build Social Trust

Animated video production company always builds social trust towards their audience. Such as sharing testimonials, consistently creating social media content, relevant social media content related to their services, offering free trial or seminar facilities, good feedback on audience responses, providing client lists, and many others.

In essence, the more often the Animated video production company interacts with the audience, the easier it will be to trust the public. Building social trust, such as sharing culture and the seriousness of an Animated video production company to work on projects. If the testimonials, social media content, and client lists are good, the chances of credibility will also increase. You should entrust Animated video production company e-learning at The Animated video production company has a team that has unlimited creativity. To order an e-learning animation video or for more detailed information, please visit the site.